Let Your Mold Making Business Evolve

InterMold Thailand 2018 is set to return as a quality platform that offers technologies, solution and business discussion atmosphere for every participant in the supporting and manufacturing industries. Join us in the year’s industry specific exhibition for mold & die community in ASEAN and see your business evolve beyond expectation.

About the Show

All Solutions for Mold Making in One Place

To stay abreast with the trend of Industry 4.0, mold makers need technologies and machinery to help them manufacture quality parts as per buyers’ specifications in the shortest time possible. “InterMold Thailand 2018” is ASEAN’s largest ensemble of mold making technology suppliers representing 459 brands from 28 countries to offer all solutions mold makers need to cover every facet of mold making.

A part of “Manufacturing Expo 2018,” Thailand’s Most Comprehensive Technology Event for Auto-parts Manufacturing

Being part of Manufacturing Expo 2018, Thailand’s largest manufacturing and supporting industries event, meant participants of the InterMold Thailand 2018 will be offered with the widest array of automation technology, mold making technology, electronics manufacturing technology, and surface and coating solutions by 2,400 brands from 46 countries. This event will gather industrialists across ASEAN to meet with new people from different sectors while having new experiences and gaining new ideas in the event’s seminars and on-site technology demonstration.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Machine for Mold & Die:
    Boring Machine, Drilling Machine, Finishing Machine, Gear Cutting Machine, Grinding Machine, Lathe Machine, Machining Center, Turning Center, Drilling Center, Metal-cut-off Machine, Milling Machine, Physicochemical Process Machine Tool, Planning, Shaping, Slotting & Broaching Machine, Tapping Machine

  • Mold Material & Component:
    Brush, Die and Mold Parts, Die and Mold Steel, Die for Pressing, Stamping & Punching, Die Set, Die-casting Molds, Ejector Pin, Graphite Electrode Material, Graphite Material, Injection Mold, Base, Pillar, Plastics Molds, Power Metallurgy Molds, Pressure Casting Molds, Steel, Work Holding Device

  • Machine Tool Accessory:
    Accessories & Attachments, Auxiliary Equipment, Machine Components, Tools Holders, Work Holding Devices

  • Tools & Tooling:
    Cemented Carbide Tools, Ceramic, Cermet Tools, Cutting Tools Diamond & CBN Tools, High Speed Steel Tools, Tool Material

  • Precision Measuring Optical Measuring & Testing Machine & Instrument:
    3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine & Instrument • Angle Measuring Machine & Instrument, Balancing Testing Machine, Digital Position Readout System, Gauge Length Measuring Machine, Material Testing Machine, Metallurgical Microscope, Micrometer Projector, Roundness Straightness & Form Measuring Machine & Instrument • Spring Testing Machine • Surface Roughness, Measuring Machine & Instrument Tool, Maker’s Microscope, Universal Measuring Microscope, Universal Testing Machine, Vernier Caliper, Vibration Testing Machine

  • Mold Repair & Maintenance:
    1. EDM Equipment, Hot Runner System, Mold Heat Treatments, Mold Repair Service, Mold Surface Treatments, Mold Washing Machine, Mold Welding Machine, Polishing Equipment

  • Mold Design & Engineering:
    3D Measurement and Digitizing, 3D Printer, CAD/CAM/CAE Software, Industrial Product Design, Mold Design, PDM/PLM Software, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, Stimulation

Visitor Profile

Auto-parts manufacturers and subcontractors who want precision technologies:

  • By Job Function::
    Management Procurement & Purchasing Production, Engineering Quality Control, Research & Development , Service & Maintenance

  • By Industry::
    Mold &Die Manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace Part, Manufacturing Medical, Mechanic Part Packaging, Precision Engineering and supporting Industry, Electrical Appliance

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Important Note

“InterMold Thailand” is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or sandals and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition hall. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation.

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